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Tips for checking the working performance of automobile shock absorbers

 TIME:2020-05-25 09:21:26 

The shock is mounted on the car's suspension system. If the shock absorber does not work properly, it will reduce the life of various parts of the car, so how to check the working performance of the shock absorber?

First, a small method of self-checking the shock absorber.

—— we can drive at low speed first, and then brake quickly. If the car shakes more severely at this time and makes people feel uncomfortable, then basically there is a problem with the shock absorber.

——First press the bumper hard and then release it. If the car jumps two or three times at this time, it means that the shock absorber is working well.

——Drive the car on the road with poor road conditions, stop after 10km, and then touch the shock absorber shell with your hand. If it is not hot enough, it means that there is no resistance inside the shock absorber and the shock absorber does not work. In this case, you can add appropriate lubricating oil, and then conduct the test; if the shell is hot, it means that the interior of the shock absorber is short of oil, you should add enough oil, otherwise, it means that the shock absorber is invalid.

——Remove the shock absorber and stand it upright, at the same time clamp the lower connecting ring on the vise, and then forcefully press the shock absorber rod several times. At this time, there should be stable resistance. The resistance of pulling up will be greater than the direction The resistance during depression, if the resistance is not stable or there is no resistance, then it may be that there is a lack of oil inside the shock absorber or the valve parts are damaged, and repair or replacement parts should be performed.

Second, the cause of damage to the shock absorber.

One reason, oil leakage. Oil leakage will cause the shock absorber to not work properly. If there is no oil leakage after inspection, you should check the shock absorber connecting pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber bushing and other parts for damage, desoldering, cracking or falling off The place. If the above inspections are normal, then further decompose the shock absorber, check whether the cooperation gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large, whether the cylinder is strained, whether the valve is well sealed, whether the clapper and valve seat are tightly fitted, and reduce Whether the extension spring of the vibrator is too soft or broken, and then repaired or replaced according to the situation

The second reason, if the sound of the shock absorber is found, it is mainly due to the collision of the shock absorber with the leaf spring, the frame or the shaft, the damage or fall of the rubber pad, the deformation of the dust cylinder of the shock absorber, and the lack of oil.

The above is the method to check whether the performance of the car shock absorber is normal. If you want to run a long distance, it is recommended that the driver friend check the shock absorber for oil leakage to prevent the shock absorber from malfunctioning. Of course, we develop well in daily life The habit of using the car and paying attention to maintenance and repair are the keys to reducing the damage of various components.