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The quality of the metal shock absorber can be identified by experiment

 TIME:2020-05-21 16:32:58 

The shock absorber can be said to be used in various industries, such as rubber shock absorbers, metal shock absorbers, etc. These different shock absorbers are used in different industries! Let's say we use more metal shock absorbers. What is the quality of this shock absorber?

   The quality of the metal shock absorber's vibration damping performance should be identified through the vibration damping test. The vibration damping test is usually only carried out when the new design trial manufactures the shock absorber. After mass production, it is not necessary to test the shock absorber one by one; only the type test is required. However, for particularly important shock absorbers, or those that must be adjusted in the damping test to meet the technical requirements, the tests must be conducted one by one. The vibration reduction test is better carried out on the whole machine, so the test conditions are the actual working conditions; the vibration reduction test can also be carried out on a special vibration reduction test bench, that is, to simulate the actual working conditions, artificially manufacture the vibration source, there is no vibration reduction The difference between the time when the shock absorber is installed and the shock absorber is installed to evaluate the quality of the shock absorber.

    The failure or damage of the shock absorber will directly affect the ride comfort and ride comfort of the car, and will also affect the service life of the car parts. Therefore, inspection and maintenance of shock absorbers are also essential. If abnormal continuous vibration occurs during the driving of the car, you should carefully check whether the shock absorber is leaking oil, and if it is leaked, it should be eliminated.

    Many products are produced in assembly lines, and shock absorbers are no exception. Different industrial departments and different machine products have different requirements for vibration. Our company designs different detection methods according to the use of different products, and chooses different detection equipment to achieve better quality and shock absorption. There are many detection methods for the detection of metal shock absorbers, and we will test according to different products.